Cycle (2015-2016)

Cycle is a series of technology-assisted performances, incorporating the use of robotics and sound. It was inspired by the interrelating concepts from Graphic Notation and East Asian Calligraphy/Ink Wash Paintings. In each unique recurrence, Cycle explores the theme of spontaneity and individuality transpired within a structured framework as the performers present their own interpretation of a set of instructions.

Each performance lasts approximately three minutes, give or take a minute; the performers end it at their own discretion. During the performance, a sole performer walks around the ‘Ink Stick Rotation Machine’ (ISRM) in a seemingly undefined way. The ISRM grinds an ink stick on an ink stone according to how the performer walks. Ambient sounds and vibrations generated from the constant moving contact of the ink stick and ink stone are amplified by speakers through a microphone located on the sides of the ink stone in real time.