Iterate (2015)

This project was stemmed from the theme of ‘Broken Code’ as part of the pioneer show for my degree.

Iterate (2015)
Webcam, Speakers, Computer

1. Go slower (and slower).
2. If the musical scales cannot be heard precisely, repeat from step 1.

This work is about breaking the code – the rule, the structure and the established; we are not supposed to but it is fun and we do it anyway.

Viewers are supposed to move slower and slower without stopping because to stop is to break the rule. If they refuse to refuse to slow down, they break the structure of the musical scales.

The musical scales in this work are generated and, according to the speed of movement of objects passing through, the work commands the moving objects to slow down. Moving objects should go slower and slower and slower until the musical scales can be heard precisely. Using OpticalFlow in the OpenCV library, the program calculates the direction and the speed of travel of objects through frame differencing. Frame differencing works by comparing pixels of the current and previous frames to detect movement and by matching the colours between the two frames, a general direction of the moving object is established.

Exhibited at Broken Code, BSc Digital Arts Computing Degree Show 2015.


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