Real Snail Mail, 2008 –

Real Snail Mail, 2008 –
Vicky Isley & Paul Smith (boredomresearch)

Text from:

Real Snail Mail reverses the most enduring and ubiquitous, social economic paradigms of speed and efficiency. The Real Snail Mail messaging service uses live snails to carry emails across physical space, making it possible for the first time to communicate anywhere in the world at snail’s pace.

In the Real Snail Mail enclosure, the snails are equipped with miniaturized electronic circuits and antennas enabling them to be assigned messages. The moment you click ‘send’ on the website your message travels at the speed of light to a collection point where they wait for a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) equipped snail to pass by. Once collected the message is carried by the snail until it happens to pass by the drop off point and is finally forwarded to its final destination.

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