[Vibrating Diamonds] Design Draft

Vibrating Diamonds (this is probably just a working title)

About the Project

Inspired by this line, “Just as today we listen to the song of the forest and the sea so tomorrow shall we be seduced by the vibrations of a diamond or a flower”, in the Italian Futurist manifesto La Radia (1933), this project is a tool/toy that allows user to explore the sonic qualities of different materials through vibration.

Consisting of modules shaped like diamonds and a docking station, the modules vibrate at user-set frequencies that can be changed through the docking station. Each ‘diamond’ has a vibration motor housed in a case made completely either of plastic, wood, or metal. The dock station is for the user to manually change the rate of vibration of individual ‘diamonds’. It works by placing one ‘diamond’ on the docking station and then the user can select the new frequency by adjusting the potentiometer on the docking station. When these ‘diamonds’ are placed on different surfaces, such as a wooden chair, a glass table, or the concrete floor, it makes a different sound with different combinations of frequencies and materials.

Through exploring the resonance of materials and everyday objects, the project aims to encourage the construction of a symphony of simple sounds.

Design Draft



Module (Diamond): ATTINY + vibration motor + cell battery

Docking Station (Dock): Arduino UNO, LCD screen, potentiometer, buttons/switchs, pressure/(light sensor+LED light)

Dock: Physical controls for UI

Knob – potentiometer: control for selecting options &

Button – button: press once for ENTER, press and hold for RETURN

Dock: LCD screen UI

Main Menu Options
1. ‘Diamond’ Interface
2. Settings

‘Diamond’ Interface
– Display current frequency of Diamond in Dock (if there is one)
– Display selected frequency of Diamond yet to be set; knob adjusts frequency

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