Exploration of Concept (II)

My interest in transitions and the coexistence of digital and physical worlds in everyday life lead me to start observing everyday phenomena, this stood out to me most (because it was common and easy to spot) – the change in physical states of water i.e. melting frost, condensation from steam, steam from boiling water. Naturally cyclic, yet can also be induced by man-made actions.

Everyday life: contemporary, urban daily life, but also mostly from a personal perspective.
Transitions: Traversing; the in-between; a gradual change from one state to another.
Digital & Physical: Software & hardware; online & offline.
Coexistence: (has connotations of harmony); (two entities) existing together at the same time or place.

The next thought I had was of the environment (i.e. melting glaciers, global warming) and science (water molecules, physical states of matter). I knew there were debates on whether global warming was really happening. This article here concludes that studies on global warming have yet to be conclusive. I realised the reliance I had on the internet and social media on finding out about such issues, which I really should question the sources’ credibility if I actually had the ability to differentiate if the information presented were actually true, which then leads to more searching on the internet to cross-check. Academic research/texts are not accessible enough as they are often too in depth and require a certain amount of background information /reading ability that people usually do not have to fully understand such materials. Besides, academic research is not always 100% right either. Science experiments such as the one below look really cool and interesting, but we don’t exactly understand why what happens. There is not much of a conclusion to the question “How strong is Oobleck?” either, because results of the experiment are not definitive/quantified. All we know is that Oobleck is not bullet proof.

So what more other choices do we have except to put our doubts at the back of our minds and simply be in awe of what we read/watch through a shared post/video on Facebook on some science/pseudoscience thingy? Here is a podcast of an interview with David Sereda (a mystic ecologist) revolutionary new discoveries about water(!) by a company that sells water dynamizers.

Sounds mystical indeed. Perhaps it is true, perhaps it is not, but I am quite inclined to believe it might be very true in the unforeseeable future. It is all just speculative, and perhaps partly subjective.

Continued in Part III.

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