Making the Manchester library work: Arduino-tiny

I decided to first try out the Manchester library as there were more resources on this compared to TinySafeBoot.

I managed to get the ATtiny chip working without much effort by following highlowtech’s instructions, except for the part where the Arduino ISP example code needs to be uploaded to the Arduino board first before even attempting to do anything to the ATtiny. A slew of errors followed while I tried to get the Manchester library to work.

#include "Manchester.h"

#define TX_PIN 0 //pin where your transmitter is connected
uint16_t transmit_data = 2761;

void setup() {
man.setupTransmit(TX_PIN, MAN_1200);

void loop() {

I was trying to compile the simple code above. After adding the Manchester library to the code, there was an error that was outlined in this forum. The package I was using attiny is missing an option required to allow the Manchester library to function properly on ATtinyX5 (ATtiny25, 45, 85) devices, specifically the definition of __AVR_ATtinyX5__ when a device is selected. The solution was to use Arduino-tiny core instead.

Then I had this error while compiling: "avr-g++": executable file not found in %PATH%

I am using the IDE 1.6.11, but many of the solutions I found online were for older versions of the IDE and did not work. After scouring the web, I found this Technoblogy post to be the solution I was looking for. It is probably because it might be the latest write-up on getting the Arduino-tiny to work.

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