Designing the diamond and the dock

I was using Blender to make the first 3D model draft, but switched to Fusion360 (because it was easier). A draft of the diamond (which will be produced of different materials such as wood and plastic, for now) model and the dock:

The challenge is in getting all my components to fit in the cases without sacrificing too much of the aesthetics. The diamond should be palm-sized or smaller, and I wanted the dock not to have too much extra space around the diamond.

After a few iterations to get things right, the diamond was milled in wood and 3D printed, while the dock was 3D printed in parts to reduce the time spent if there was any error printing mid-way.


Below is the 3D model I did in fusion360. I sliced the diamond to make it flat and millable by the CNC milling machine.diamond_model_final

The 3D printed one:


From learning to prepare the model and operate the machine to milling the actual thing took me three full working days. I milled using a practice material (some sort of green hard foam board that I got from the lab tech, Konstantine). I plan to mill another diamond out of acrylic if I can get the diamond and dock to work well in time.Here’s part of the wooden diamond milled by the machine:



Dock (3D model ) including a knob for the potentiometer and two buttons ‘enter’ and ‘back’:


I had to reprint the button and knob a few times because the actual size deviated a little and it wouldn’t fit.

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