Sensing the diamond on the dock

I wanted to make the diamond stop vibrating while it is in the dock, so I’m trying out a method that uses the same principle of the push button. I attached copper tape to the dock and diamond. The circuit works on the breadboard, but in reality, the dock and the diamond do not exactly fit. So, I placed copper tape on all corners to make the connection work and also to make it look nice.




Halving the copper tape…

For the inside of the diamond, I folded the copper tape into half so that both sides will be conductive. Then, I used plastic tape to connect the 6 corners and soldered a wire to one of the corners.


When the diamond is placed in the dock, it will close the circuit and the reading of the pin that is linked to between ground and the resistor will be HIGH, otherwise, when there is no diamond, it will be LOW.

Similarly, the copper tape on the diamond is linked to the ATtiny’s input pin. When the diamond is placed on the dock, there will be current flowing through to the pin and the resistor to ground.


Zoomed in circuit diagram on the diamond’s copper tape



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