Many things have gone wrong but I managed to solve some problems by just checking the connections. I also made changes to the program for the communication between the dock and diamond.

I expanded the UI of the dock from the original plan so that it will be less confusing for the user. Previously, there were only two modes: connecting to the diamond and setting the new frequency. I added a function to turn the vibration on or off, and generally just provided more visual feedback in terms of telling the user what is going on with the machine.

After finishing soldering the connections on the dock, I could not get the RF link to work. I checked that the connections were correct and that they were connected, but I just could not seem to find the problem. So, now the diamond is stuck at a single vibrating frequency until I have found and fixed the problem with the code/circuit.

I also forgot to accommodate the fact that changing the power source’s voltage changed the overall conditions for the HIGH/LOW pin reading on the ATtiny. The contact between the copper tapes on the dock and diamond did not provide high enough current for to trigger the HIGH reading on the ATtiny.

Although it seems unlikely that I will solve the issues before submitting this project, I hope to continue working on this until I make a finished product.

In the meantime, here are videos of what I have managed to complete so far…

The UI of the dock:

The diamond in action:

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